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Achieve your fitness goals with personalized training from yogesa.com Our mission is to help you through Yoga every day.

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With customized yoga sessions, workshops, and programs that match your goals and needs, our services are designed for your particular journey. Learn how yoga can be beneficial to you personally. The transforming power of customized yoga is something we at Yogesa believe in. Make your practice a lifestyle fit by selecting the goal, duration, and style of your sessions. Discover all the advantages that yoga may offer you, from private lessons to customized class schedules. Come experience Yogesa with us, where you will be led by skilled teachers who are committed to your well-being on a journey that is exclusively yours.

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Group Class Plans

Unlimited access to all group classes, including Premium Classes

Yogesa provides the comfort of online yoga along with unlimited happiness. You may take advantage of a wide range of group classes, including premium classes, with our subscription service, which offers unlimited access. Enjoy the comforts of home while diving into the practice of yoga with a variety of classes customized to all skill levels and tastes. Your experience will be increased by the carefully chosen premium classes that our skilled instructors have put together for you.

Unlimited group classes
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Face Yoga for a healthy, sculpted glow

Experience the transformative effects of Face Yoga with yogesa.com - your go-to personal training business for achieving a healthy, sculpted glow from within. Our tailored sessions combine traditional yoga techniques with facial exercises to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural radiance. Join us on the journey to a glowing, confident you.

1-on-1 Membership Plans

Private 1-on-1 sessions with your favorite teachers

As every person's yoga journey is different, we at Yogesa offer personalized one-on-one sessions with experts who teach particularly for you. Get professional instruction, support, and skilled instruction while practicing in the comfort of your own home. Our private lessons are customized to each person's requirements and objectives, regardless of yoga experience level. Improve your health and set off on a path to a more balanced, healthier way of living. Schedule your private session today to experience the transforming power of customized yoga with Yogesa

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Recordings of all your favorite group classes

We offer access to recorded sessions with all of your favorite group classes. You now have the freedom to revisit and enjoy those moments of power and enjoy the benefits of yoga whenever it's convenient for you. With the ability to customize your practice to suit your schedule and tastes, our vast collection captures the spirit of every lesson. Coordinating your schedule is within your reach, regardless of whether you're an early riser or an evening lover. Your health shouldn't be limited by time, so immerse yourself in the wisdom of yoga with the ease of recorded sessions.

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1: Slimming Yoga Morning

Begin your morning with purpose and a goal as you set out on a path to become a healthier and slimmer version of yourself. You can prioritize your health simply and conveniently at your home through our online yoga platform. The specially designed sessions of “Slimming Yoga Morning” classes include regular yoga poses with specific body-toning exercises to help lose weight.

Our classes are suitable for all skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, you can achieve your weight loss goal through our sessions in a positive and relaxed environment. 

2: Power Fitness Yoga

Yogesa serves as a doorway to exciting classes that skillfully combine the grace of yoga with the power of workouts. Throughout our Power Fitness Yoga programs, our qualified instructors will guide you through challenging poses, breathwork, and energetic movements to help you reach new heights of strength. Customized for people of different levels of fitness, these sessions are meant to improve your fitness level while strengthening the connection between your mind and body. Yogesa’s Power Fitness Yoga strikes the perfect balance between strength and peace of mind, making it a great choice for anyone looking to tone their body, enhance their fitness level, or simply shake things up. 

3: Reduce Extra Kilos (Morning and Evening)

Yogesa is your go-to online yoga and meditation session for natural health maintenance! Take your fitness to the next level with our unique service, "Reduce Extra Kilos," which provides energizing yoga classes designed for morning and evening routines. Accept the life-changing benefits of yoga as our skilled instructors lead you through exercises meant to encourage weight loss, increase strength, and improve overall energy. Our online platform fits your schedule by offering morning and evening session options, so you can start your wellness journey whenever it's most convenient for you. With the balancing practice of yoga, we will support you in losing those extra kilos. Begin your day with intention and relax in the evening.

4: Strength-Building Sessions (evening)

Our strength-building sessions in the calm evenings help to release the strength within oneself. These sessions are specially designed to improve both the physical and mental states. To experience this strength-building session (evening), join Yogesa, your online yoga platform.

5: Slimming Yoga Evening

Our online platform offers an invitation to you to experience our special "Slimming Yoga Evening" sessions and enjoy a more shaped, healthier you. As the day comes to a close, come join our skilled instructors for a relaxing yoga practice combined with focused exercises that will improve your fitness and help you lose weight. For individuals who like to tone and shape their bodies, our evening programs offer an ideal mix of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Let the calm of the evening improve your practice while you work towards your fitness objectives from the comforts of your home. The way to not only physical transformation but also calmer, more balanced living is through our Slimming Yoga Evening courses. Start down the path to a healthier, fitter body.

6: Breathwork and Meditation (morning and evening)

Just concentrating on your breathing is one of the simplest ways to feel less stressed. You'll experience an instant calmness that may eventually guard against health problems. Our experienced team members offer breathing work and meditation sessions that help cultivate a sense of inner calm. Whether you're looking to start your day with a fresh mind or to end your day with relaxed evenings, Yogesa, our online platform is here to help you bring the peaceful benefits of breath work and meditation to your doorstep.

7: Counselling Session Every Month

We also provide a special service in addition to our energetic online yoga and meditation classes: one counseling session every month. This session helps our clients and students to speak with their trainers directly about their questions, goals, and difficulties. During our monthly counseling session, you can share your wellness objectives, ask questions about health, or just get guidance on your yoga practice.

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